SOLCAR – Disc Lock 12126 (5.5mm)

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Disc Lock (SOLCAR)

Diameter: 5.5mm

Model 12126

Color Available: Red / Black / Yellow

Net Weight: 440g

To Unlock:

  1. Insert the key by aligning the dot on the key head or the block on the key body to the red dot or the slot on the lock.
  2. Turn the key clockwise to unlock.

To Lock:

  1. Slide the lock onto the brake disc.
  2. While lightly depressing the button; position the lock so that the pin will fit through the hole or slot in the brake disc and press the button firmly to secure.


  1. Do not attempt to move or ride while the disc brake lock is secured.
  2. Keep the brake disc clean prior to securing the lock.
  3. Periodically check the bore inside the slot to remove any accumulation of dirt or grease.

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Red, Black, Yellow


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