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All kinds of spare parts & accessories of motorcycles to you through internet.

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Tyres (Tubeless or Tube Type, e.g.  Michelin, Maxxis, CORSA, Quick, IRC, VIVA, ZENEOS, KENDA, TRAZANO etc)

Spockets (Normal brand, RKM, RK, SSS)

Engine Oil (Hi-Rev, Shell, Motul, Norva Racing etc)

Alloy Rim, Sport Rim (Local Brand, Racing Boy, Takasago Excel Asia)

Most of the Body Cover Set (Y125Z, Y135LC, Lagenda, RXZ, Y100, Y110 SS, SS2, EX5, EX5 Dream, EX5 Class, Wave 100, Wave 100R, Wave 110, Wave 110 Dash, Wave 125, Wave 125S, Wave 125-X, Dream110, Future125, Kriss 1, Kriss 2, Kriss FL, Kristar, GT128, CT110, Dinamik, RGV, Suzuki Best (RC110), FX110, GSX110 etc.)

Helmets (GIVI, SGV, Laser, LTD, LTD Junior, Dolphin Games Children Helmet etc)

Handle Grip (Alloy, Racing Boy etc)

GIVI Raincoat [100% Genuine]

GIVI Box, Standard Monorack, Heavyduty Monorack [100 % Genuine]

Seats, Seat Covers

more and more…

We Repair


Top Overhaul

Wiring Check & Repair

Normal Service, such as replace new tyres, change engine oil, change sprocket etc.

How to deal with us?

Face to face deal in our shop which located in Jalan New Chain Ferry, Butterworth.

Or place order here, product will be sent on the next working day upon receipt of payment.

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